Setting up and General FAQs

How do I set it up?

We have designed our automatic door openers to be straight forward and to be installable with minimal fuss. Please take a look at our videos on how to install our units, which can either be found on the Videos and Documents page, on YouTube, or on the individual product pages in our Store.

Have you got units which can be fitted my existing chicken house door?


Hentronix door openers can be fitted to virtually all types of existing door, including horizontally and vertically-sliding doors and also side-hinged doors. We have custom-made units for Eglu Coops, and Snap Lock coops too.

For wooden coops, side-hinged doors are the most efficient since the weight of the door is carried through the hinges. The mechanism will open a sliding door by 8½ inches (22 cm) which is more than enough even for large chickens. Make sure that your door opens and closes freely without any snags or catching before you fit the Hentronix door opener. Remove any locks or latches – the Hentronix door opener provides completely secure closure and doesn’t need any extra locks. For internally-mounted sliding doors and doors which are side hinged there needs to be 50cm or more of housing adjacent to the pop hole. For externally-mounted sliding doors you will need 65cm adjacent to the pop hole to mount the device. Having said that, it is also possible to mount the opener mechanism inside the henhouse instead of outside the henhouse, in which case you only need the normal 50cm of mounting space inside the henhouse! Where there is not space to fit the unit directly beside/above a sliding door (vertical or horizontal), it is often possible to get the 50cm of mounting space needed on the opposite side of the door.

How heavy can my door be?

If you have one of our 'Original' Hentronix units and want to use it on a vertical sliding door, we advise that the dead weight of the door be kept below 1.5kg (3Lbs).

Is there a minimum weight for the door?

No – the door does not have to be above a minimum weight.

Can I use Hentronix arm-operated units with my plastic chicken house?


Yes - absolutely! We have units which are custom-made for all Eglu coops, and all Snap Lock (Formex)/The Clever Coop Company coops, but if you have a coop which is neither of these and you are unsure which of our units would be best for you, please get in touch at info@hentronix.co.uk. 

Are Hentronix units weatherproof?

Absolutely – rain, ice, snow. Whatever nature throws at them! They have all been tested in extreme temperatures, from desert heat right down to -35C.

Should I fit the device inside the chicken house?

We advise that all of the components are fitted outside and on the external surface of the chicken house. The battery can be kept in its weatherproof container on the ground or out of sight. Mounting internally will not help control red mite (since it will give them more places to hide), so we recommend external mounting wherever possible. The control unit has a daylight sensor so this would always need to be mounted outside.

My chickens are young and nervous - will motor noise distress them?

New or young chickens should be allowed to get into a routine before the automatic door is set up and switched on. Once they are in a routine – particularly when they reliably get in the henhouse as dusk approaches – the device can be switched on and the chickens usually have absolutely no problem with any noise from the motor or mechanism. Our unit for Eglu Cube MK2 and Eglu Go is completely silent!

What happens if a hen sits in the doorway as it closes?

If your chickens are in a routine and are reliably getting in to roost this is not likely to happen. If however it does happen the “automatic stop” function will activate just as it would when the door is fully closed, and this will prevent any harm to the chicken.

What is the returns policy on the product?

Our returns policy can be found here: http://hentronix.co.uk/disclaimer