In Use FAQs

How do I set it to open at a specific time in the morning?

Check out our new YouTube instruction video for this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeymBNrkyR8

In order for the time to be used by the unit, it has to be light outside at the time you choose, otherwise the unit will automatically revert to opening about 10 minutes after dawn. This is a safety setting to prevent the unit from opening too early (i.e. before dawn), when most foxes and other predators are around!

Can I set the closing time?

We have found that there is no reason to do this. Chickens go to roost naturally as dusk approaches and it can be almost impossible to force them into roost before they want to. The door closing time will always be determined by dusk and the chickens' natural body clocks, not by human time.

If after installation you find that you want to alter the delay between dusk and when the unit closes, we will happily send you a new circuit board with revised code, absolutely free of charge!

Can the door be opened/closed by me?

Yes – just disconnect the battery using the white clips and then reconnect it again! The door will open if it was closed, and will close if it was open. This is a great way of opening and closing the door. Many Hentronix units (all except the Eglu Handle-operated unit) have split pins which mean you can decouple the door and the mechanism - allowing you to open/close the door, then recouple the mechanism when you want automatic opening/closing.

I want to make use of the "addition lighting" function - how can I do this?

The controller is all set up to control our Additional Lighting Unit. You can also use your own 12v DC lamp!

After wiring the additional lighting into your circuit board (a very simple task – only takes about two minutes), the unit will then measure how long the days are. If it detects that the days are short, it will add in the relevant amount of additional light before the unit opens the following morning, therefore extending the amount of 'daylight' for the chickens. This will help to keep them laying! For instructions on how to connect up an Additional Lighting Unit, please click here.