My opener/closer has started beeping and has a blue flashing light on it. What does this mean and what do I need to do now?

This means that the battery needs charging - this is a very rare alarm because of the great solar panels we now use. You should disconnect the battery and give it a full charge. When charging your battery, the indicator light on the charger should start off being red, then turn to green when it is charged. Please do not remove the battery before it is fully charged.  

Check that the solar panel is well positioned to get plenty of daylight.

The door is stuck open/closed, and one of the springs is really compressed (for arm-operated Hentronix units - not for Eglu Handle-Operated units)

First, disconnect the battery and put the split pin back to connect the door to the arm.  Then, using a 13mm or adjustable spanner, turn the brass connector at the motor end of the thread until the door is about half open (mid position).  It's a bit slow and tedious doing this but it allows everything to reset.

Then, reconnect the battery.  The blue LED should light for 1 second, then there is a short pause, then it will either open or close depending on where it left off previously. If it is daytime it should either open and stay open until dusk, or it will close and then open after one minute.

If there are two nuts with a split washer in the middle on your unit, moving them away from the compressed spring (loosening, moving, tightening back up again) will help prevent this in the future! This applies to Original Hentronix units, and also the large MK1 Eglu Cube units (full opening/closing capacity). If it is a Compact Horizontal unit, please consider putting in a hard 'back stop', such as a baton of wood so that the door is stopped hard in its path before the spring compresses too much. The aim here is to get the spring compressing less.

The reason this happens is that we need to program the unit to allow for an 'average' weight of door. Over-compressing can happen when the door is lighter than expected - but the measures above will absolutely solve the problem. Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions about this!

Once I connected the battery, the door moved for a short while then stopped before it had reached the end/the door isn't moving

For externally-mounted sliding doors, it's always important to double check that the screws that fix the door footing to the door aren't poking out on the back of the door - occasionally even the tip of a screw can jam the door.  Sometimes the door seems to slide perfectly when disconnected from the arm, but snags on the tip of a screw when in operation. 

If the screws are poking out of the back of the door and are snagging, using slightly shorter screws will fix this problem.