Hentronix HQ

About Hentronix Ltd

Hentronix Ltd was founded in 2014, and since then has developed a reputation for building robust and innovative chicken coop door openers. We are the first company to provide solutions for all types of chicken house door, and this is something we are very proud of. We are also the only company in the world providing automatic openers & closers for plastic coops.

We have a very highly skilled and trained workforce with each person bringing excellent and unique technical and engineering knowledge. Our circuit boards are made alongside circuit boards destined for avionics and defence systems – ensuring ultimate reliability. We use computer-controlled machinery to produce parts for our products, and these are accurate to within 0.01 mm!

We are continually looking for ways to improve our products, and wherever possible, we will always strive to make these developments available to our pre-existing customers - not just our new customers. We think this is a part of our corporate responsibility - to look after our customers and help them look after their chickens - just as we would like our hens to be looked after. We enjoy listening to our customers, and their feedback is a constant source of inspiration to us.

As a company, we enjoy an engineering challenge, and we have created solutions to many of the industry's most difficult problems. We enjoy working with schools and charitable status organisations in providing them with automated solutions for their chicken coops.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, or are keen to work with us, please email us at info@hentronix.co.uk for more details!

We are a VAT-registered company (VAT Reg No. 270 3849 94).