Installing your Hentronix App-Enabled Circuit Board!


Congratulations! Thank you for choosing to control your unit via the Hentronix iPhone/iPad App!

If you are receiving a circuit board only, as an upgrade for your pre-installed Hentronix mechanism, please swap the circuit boards over using the instructions, which can be found in printable form here:


1) Download the app by searching for Hentronix on the App Store (click the button below, or find on the App Store manually):


2) Then, make sure the power is connected to your Hentronix unit, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on; the symbol for this looks like this:

cropped bluetooth.png

3) Open the App and get controlling your door! Enjoy the amazing functionality the app control offers, and enjoy that peace of mind!


If you’re having any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by clicking here or by messing us at